The light was delivered on Monday and I used it for the first time yesterday evening, and I must say its performance is a revelation, I was able to see a page of print properly for the first time for quite a number of years, I have been blaming failing eyesight (I am 75 years old) however I now realise that the problem is the poor illumination offered by much modern lighting. I also find the design of your light most pleasing, altogether an excellent product. Best regards,

T. F. , Penrith.


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the VeVe light. It is everything that I hoped it would be and it was a nice touch to find that there was a bulb already in the light. Thank you very much. Regards,

R. M. (London)


The lamp arrived safely, and we are very pleased with it. The design is excellent. Do you produce floor standing versions? It is difficult to get good reading lamps for a drawing room that do not flood the entire room with light. Yours seems to offer a solution.

M. K. (London)


Great design and excellent workmanship - have my congratulations! England as it used to be - once and for a long time; hope very much for a revival: Europe will need it badly after Wellington and Churchill had served in the past!! Johann M. (Switzerland)

The lights arrived yesterday and I just wanted to say how magnificent they are. All the best,

J. C. (London)


Thanks for the lovely light, its so great that I would like to order another identical one. Thanks,

R. M. (Dublin)